Weekend Happenings.


Say, friend, do you like fun? Well, get ready for a skullfull of it. If you’re in Chicago tonight, Issue Five contributor Jill Summers is orchestrating the Printer’s Ball: An extravagant celebration of publishing bringing together paper-loving folks from all over the city, reading words, showing videos and, of course, drinking too much and making some delicious mistakes. Get there early enough and snag a free copy of Issue Six. Seriously get there early. They give away tons of mags for free every year and the good stuff goes quick.

And if you’re on the opposite side of the country…

10 July VerminSD

Issue Six contributor Jim Ruland is summiting the Mount once again. This time Jim’s playing host to the High Emission Book Tour. Aaron Burch‘s playful jab at James Kaelan absolutely shattered its goal on Kickstarter. Congrats guys. That looks like ten pounds of fun stuffed in a five pound bag.

So what’s going on in your town tonight? Doritos and Netflix? Sounds like a damn good time to me. Whip up a flyer. I’ll post it.

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