(Our founder and editor, moments before he was swallowed by a large sea creature and never heard from again.)

Annalemma Magazine is a literary and arts journal printed biannually and updated weekly online. Founded in 2007 with the expressed mission of engaging as many people as possible in the life-changing experience of telling good stories, Annalemma’s print issues are a lavish celebration of colorful artwork and photography that accompany short stories and essays from writers of all ages, nationalities, disciplines and echelons of the publishing world.

People are saying things about us:

“Annalemma Magazine, like all the best things in this world, defies categorization. Part art book, part literary magazine, part multimedia experiment, the writing is always inventive, the stories themselves as up-to-the minute and necessary as your heartbeat.”

–       Joe Meno, author of Hairstyles of the Damned (Akashic), Tender as Hellfire (Akashic) and The Great Perhaps (Norton).

“Three of my favorite things in this world are Evel Knievel, Planet of the Apes, and Annalemma. I shit you not. Annalemma reminds me of why I started reading literary magazines in the first place. It’s smart and looks great, but best of all (and this is why it’s on my coffee-table for others to see) it hasn’t forgotten how to have fun. So, take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape, and pick up a copy of Annalemma!”

–       John McNally, author of The Book of Ralph (Free Press) and After the Workshop (Counterpoint)

“In just a few issues, Annalemma has established itself at the forefront of both progressive literature and innovation in print and web design. Few magazines ever combine textual and visual content of this caliber in a single issue, and even fewer are as dissatisfied to rest on their past successes. As striking to look at it as it is to read, Annalemma is among the most exciting literary journals I read, and I fully expect it to continue to find new ways to surprise and delight its readers.”

–       Matt Bell, author of How They Were Found (Keyhole).

“Annalemma is like a T-Rex that takes out your apartment wall, scoops up your neighbor, and swallows him with a handful of glass and roofing tiles. Anyone who still says print is a dinosaur had better watch out.”

–       Amelia Gray, author of AM/PM (featherproof) and Museum of the Weird (Fiction Collective Two).