We Need Your Eyes on This.


You may have noticed it’s been more than a hot minute since some stories or essay have been posted on the site. Like I said earlier in the week, I got a new job and it’s gobbling up my time. I could use a hand. Want to help out? Want a free subscription as payment? Help me tackle some of these submissions that have been piling up in the last months.

Email me here: chris {at} annalemma {dot} net. Tell me a little about yourself, what you like to read, if you’ve read submissions before, what was that experience like for you, what sort of time you have to devote to this and how many submissions you’re willing to read in a given week. If it sounds like a good fit then I’ll get your mailing address from you and sign you up for a free subscription starting with Annalemma Issue Eight: Creation. Thanks!

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