Ugh…just ugh.


Our intern, Janelle Luce, has been helping me sift through the submissions box for a month or so now. I’ll forward her 10 or 15 submissions, she’ll read them, then send me notes, comments and her opinion as to whether or not we should publish something. One thing I didn’t know when I took her on was she had a knack for brutally honest comments and visceral reactions to the work. Here’s a few of my faves from the last few weeks:

– a hot mess. backwards town, like an episode of the friggin twilight zone

– ending is like, WTF? “This was a long time ago, when my journey was still beginning.” is there a sequel or something? I hope not…

-I do like that he gets his ass kicked in the end. I was happy about that, the snot.

-BLARGH! heavy-handed, wannabe Gabriel Garcia Marquez motherfucker, cool it down a bit

– OH GOD!! starts with a passage from the Bible

– ugh, just… ugh.

– I think this person was high or drunk when they wrote it, just look at the BS in the last paragraph, and the title? oh man.

– EWWW sexual encounter grossly graphic… come wiping and all.

– all surf jargon, which I wouldn’t mind if there were some context clues, brah.

– ugh. just trust me on this one.


  1. JOJO says:

    Nice to know my work is treated with respect when I submit it to Annalemma.

  2. ryan says:

    if any of these pertain to anything i might have written feel free to let me know, haha

  3. AG says:

    Bad work does not deserve respect. It should be trapped under a laundry basket like a crying baby

  4. chris says:

    The biggest disrespect would be dishonesty.

  5. Roxane says:

    OMG, I read that surfer story.

  6. Katie says:

    hahaha i love it. and i agree, chris, the biggest disrespect truly would be dishonesty.

  7. Nicolette says:

    Ha! I needed this.
    Oh, slush pile, you’re a never-ending source of amusement and irritation.

  8. Lea says:

    LOL, when Janelle was a school teacher, I wonder if she put those fun stickers on the papers that said “job well done” and “great work”….

    they really should make adult stickers with her sayings on them “ugh, just ugh”

  9. chris says:

    haha, done and done.

  10. Le Peep says:

    somebody get this girl an agent.

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