Things of Interest: Jordan, Gray, Soubiran.

Say friend, do you like things? Were you aware that people still do things these days? It’s true. Here are some things that have happened (are happening):


Issue #4 and Issue Six: Sacrifice contributor Todd Jordan‘s Now I Remember collective is showing the world through their cell phones at New Image Gallery (best click through image) in LA this weekend. I know you live there, I have Google Analytics. Go to this show.


Issue Five contributor Amelia Gray released her second collection of fiction, Museum of the Weird on FC2 yesterday. Amelia is a writer in a class of her own that never disappoints. Buy this book.

Things2Come flyer

Dear friend, Alix Soubiran, is showing her lovely animals at Bold Hype‘s new gallery in New York this weekend. Go see them. You will fall in love with them and her.

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  1. Love Ms. Gray’s new book, Chris. Here’s my best attempt at a review:

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