The Blueprint for a Good Reading.


Last week I went to probably the best reading I’ve ever seen. Ladies and gentlemen, the graduation reading of Page 15’s Young Writer’s Camp 2010. In the reader’s chair here is Izabelle. She had a whip-smart piece about a couple of students competing for a marine biology scholarship. She dropped some serious wildlife science on a crowd.


This here’s Vincent. He wrote a story hot on the heels of the the biggest sporting event of the decade. It was about a fútbol player named Xavier who worked his way up from the bottom to win the World Cup. A dude literally gets kicked in the face in his story. Sports are rough.


Melik here unfolded an epic super hero tale about a dog named Dookie and his quest to defeat the evil Black I Peas. Have you ever written a story with sentient onions with the teeth of alligators? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Melik beat you to it.


The writing was phenominal, but here’s where most readings pale in comparison to this one: Pizza was served afterward. I’ll bet people would be a lot more interested in readings if ‘roni ‘za were involved.


Keep an eye out for these writers. Their imaginations are going to be making waves very soon. Thanks to Julia Young, Ryan Rivas, Jana Waring and all the volunteers for letting Annalemma be a part of Page 15’s 2010 Young Writers Camp.


And thanks for the card!


  1. kim says:

    Haha, “next time … you should write your own book.” :)

  2. Tim says:

    This is pretty great–I wondered what would happen to Page 15 when Urban Think went under.

    And I can dig any story where somebody gets kicked in the face.

  3. chris says:

    Kim: That’s probably the best advice I’ve heard all year.

    Tim: P15 is going strong and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. Head over to their website to keep updated on volunteer opportunities if you live in the area.

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