The subscription drive is kaput this Sunday night at midnight EST. So where do we stand with only two days to go? 20 subscriptions. That’s all it’s going to take to help us pay for the next print issue of Annalemma. Haven’t subscribed yet? It’s now or never. Click here to subscribe for $5 off the cover price of Issue Eight: Creation.

A lot of you (two, to be precise) have been asking how this “$5 off” thing works. If you were to buy issues seven and eight separately, it would cost you $30. But just for the subscription drive we’re hacking off $5 off the cover price of Issue Eight, meaning you get Issue Seven for normal price and Issue Eight for ten bucks. Still confused? A diagram:


Subscribing is a no-brainer.

So this is it, folks. If you’ve already subscribed then thanks for everything, you’re incredible and it means everything that you’re into this mag enough to spend your hard-earned money on it. If you still feel compelled to help out please spread the word on you blog/facebook/twitter, anywhere you like to share the stuff you dig with the people you care about.

If you can’t shell out the dough right now, totally understandable. If you still want to help out regardless please repost this message anywhere and everywhere folks who care about writing and art and all things beautiful are going to see it.

Thanks again to everyone for helping out. Hearts are swelling on this end. See you Monday.

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