Subscription Drive Update.


Hey! Look at that, we’ve got less than a week to go and we only need 23 more subscribers in order to pay for productions costs of Issue Eight: Creation. This is pretty incredible, people. We’re trying to make this thing a reader-funded publication and the readers have heard the call. Big thanks to Chris Newgent over at Vouched Books for throwing a contest to give away two subscriptions. And congrats to Katy and Jonathan who won the contest, you’ve got some goodness coming  from your local mail carrier very soon.

All very exciting news. BUT: we still have that number 23 looming above us like a terrible Jim Carrey movie. Click here to subscribe to Annalemma Magazine for $5 off the cover price. Already subscribed? You’re the best. Truly, the best. Feel like going above and beyond the call of duty, like many people are taking it upon themselves to do? Please repost this message on your blog/facebook/twitter, wherever you share the stuff you dig with the people you care about.

Can’t cough up the dough for a subscription right now? We get it. Still want to help out? Please spread the word about our subscription drive wherever you see fit.

It’s a dream of mine to make this thing a more sustainable and this is how we can do it. We need to start paying bills by the end of the week. This is an attainable goal. We can do this. You can help. Thank you for everything. Your continued support and enthusiasm for this mag means everything. Seriously.

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