Subscription Drive Update.


The subscription drive is drawing to a close. If we get 40 more subscribers in the next four weeks we can make sure that we have enough money to get Issue Eight: Creation printed. This is a totally achievable goal. If you haven’t subscribed already, now is a great time. If you’ve already subscribed, thank you for that. Do you know someone who’s interested in writing and art and all things beautiful? Do us a favor and inform them of our existence and our need of their support.

Thanks again to everyone who subscribed in the last few weeks. You’re incredible human beings who’ve spent money well. Want to help out but seriously can’t shell out the dough right now? Please repost this message on your blog/twitter/facebook, wherever you share the things you love with like-minded people.

Still need motivation? Subscribe now and you’ll receive $5.00 off the cover price. A little math:

Annalemma Issue Seven: Endurance cover price… $15.00 USD plus Annalemma Issue Eight: Creation cover price…$15.00 = $30.00.

Minus the $5.00 Subscription Drive Discount = $25.00

Subscribe today and help us keep this beautiful, tangible, connective force called print publishing alive.

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