Subscription Drive Ended.


This is it. After eight weeks of pushing the fanbase to its limits, after eight weeks of folks coming to Anna’s aid by way of pulling out the credit card, we’re just two, count them ONE – TWO, subscriptions away from meeting our goal and raising enough money to pay for production costs of Issue Eight: Creation. By now you’ve heard the drill and there’s not much more I can say. Click here to subscribe for $5 off the cover price of Issue Eight.

Can’t pony up the dough? Forward this message to friends.

Need some more incentive? If you’re the last person to buy a subscription during our subscription drive, you’ll receive a subscription for life. You’ve got 50/50 odds of making that happen, friend.

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped out and thanks to everyone who’s already subscribed. You are keeping us going.

UPDATE: Congrats to Alexander Martinez for buying the last subscription of our subscription drive. He put us over the top and as a reward, gets a lifetime subscription. Thanks bud!

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