Subscription Drive Continued.


Thanks to everyone who’s heeded the call of our subscription drive over the past couple weeks. Because of all you who subscribed or passionately blogged/facebooked about the drive, subscriptions are up 68% and we’ve achieved about 87% of our fund raising goal, which is incredible and warms my heart. It’s been great seeing new names on the subscriber list. A few new people have been getting their copies of Issue Seven: Endurance and have been so moved by the stories they felt the need to email me to tell me just that, which always feels good, so thanks for that, everyone. It always feels good to make new connections. We all know the internet can’t deliver that connection of smell, feel and touch the way print can so it’s good to see people reacting to that.

We have about a month to go before we ship Issue Eight: Creation off to the printers and have to pay them and all other interested parties in the production process. We still have a ways to go to achieve our goal of making this a reader-supported publication.

Want to help? Click here to subscribe for $5 off the cover price of Issue Eight: Creation. Or, if you want to help beyond financial means, repost this message on your blog or facebook. You guys and gals are incredible and, as a publisher, these past few weeks have been a great exercise in putting some meat on the bones of these connections with Anna’s readers.

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