Subscriber Testimonials Pt. 3


You’re not alone, friend. Many people have been in the position you’re in now: unsure, hesitant, maybe even a little scared,  as your mouse hovers over the “add to cart” button. Let the sweat bead on your forehead no longer, feel the freedom of clicking that button. Subscribing to the print edition is a great decision. You’ll be getting plenty of value for your dollars. But don’t listen to me, I’m irrevocably biased. Check out what these satisfied customers have to say…

“As a freelance designer, and someone who started a small press in an effort to bring quality design to great writing that deserves a readership, I feel a distinct kinship with Annalemma, which has consistently proven the same commitment. It is a great joy to see, to hold, to read an issue of Annalemma. They are literature’s closest thing to a living, breathing, art museum.”

-Ryan W. Bradley, publisher and art director at Artistically Declined Press

“Many think of the internet as a time-waster, both for its ‘performers’, those posters of animated gifs and lolcats, and the consumers of same. I agree, but only while pointing out that the internet is so much more than that. One of its aspects I value most is knowledge-sharing. For instance, my knowledge of the existence of Annalemma would be far less likely were it not for the internet. And knowing Annalemma is not like knowing how long is a piece of string according to a search engine. It is knowing its smooth denseness in your hands, knowing the smell of its paper and ink, contemplating its beautiful layouts with no regard for electricity whatsoever! It is knowing the human who mails it to you, just a little bit, by the expressions of his handwritten note on the package. Annalemma increases my enjoyment of life, yet I found it amongst the lolcats. Which actually increase my enjoyment of life too, now that I think of it.”

-Joanne Kerrigan

“As a writer, receiving the silken tactility of Annalemma at home, has become an eagerly anticipated event of delight, and an indispensable part of my literary and visual enrichment.”

-M. Hage

“I know I hesitated before I took the plunge and subscribed, but now I don’t even remember how much I paid for my subscription to Annalemma.  The money was in that sense meaningless—but I go back to the stories again and again.  The voices and the vision of the magazine have more than repaid my investment.”

– Daniel Ellis

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