Subscriber Testimonials Pt. 2.


Have you been thinking long and hard about subscribing to the print edition of Annalemma? Has it been keeping you up at night? Do you pace the late evening streets, the decision weighing heavy on your soul? Do you shake your fist at the heavens, crying out to a stormy sky, “Why won’t someone tell me whether or not this is a good idea?!” Rest easy, fellow lover of good things. Many people have crossed over the threshold of subscriber-hood and many people are reaping the robust benefits. Don’t take my word for it, listen to what they have to say…

“As a student in Australia, I enjoy engaging with the inspiring and vibrant scene of art and literature in America. Since my subscription with Annalemma began, I have been consistently impressed with the vibrancy, quality and creativity featured within the magazine. The editorial team maintains a high level of commitment to achieving balance, focus and innovation within Annalemma’s pages. I encourage anyone thinking to subscribe to Annalemma to not hesitate, as the rewards contained in each issue far outweigh the initial financial outlay.”

– Naomi Riddle, 24, Australia

“I love holding this magazine in my hands – the graphics are beautiful, it smells good, and there is something great about feeling the physical weight of the words. It reads beautifully cover to cover, and can be a conversation starter with my kids or my non-literary friends.”

– Lissa Franz, Concord, MA

“There’s so much happening in the literary world, and so many new developments occurring all the time, that a subscription to one magazine feels like a huge commitment. It’s the decision to invest in one effort rather than explore every new experiment. With Annalemma, I don’t feel that I’m missing anything. Annalemma is my scout and my teacher. Annalemma is a gambler that knows the game well enough to win.

– Jac Jemc, author, My Only Wife (Dzanc, 2012)

“Out of the thousands of lit mags to choose from, Annalemma stands out because of its attention to detail. Every issue is beautifully designed, which elevates the already excellent content. Not only am I an Annalemma contributor, I’m also a subscriber–because I enjoy reading it, as well as displaying pretty things on my coffee table and bookshelves.”

– Ryan Rivas, editor, Burrow Press

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