Seeking Readers.



Do you want to feel the thrill of editing a lit magazine but without all the financial and logistical headaches? Do you want to know how it feels to wield the power to crush someone’s dreams or send their hearts soaring? Do you want a glimpse into the beautifully sinister machine of small press publishing? Then apply to become a reader for us!

We’re gearing up to announce the new theme for the print issue and we’re looking for folks to help us with the onslaught of stories and essays that are sure to come our way. Why would you volunteer to read the slush pile? Well…

FACT: Reading slush makes you a better writer. Lots of people make lots of mistakes in their writing. You will see these mistakes in your own writing. You will realize that it’s lame to write about drugs.

FACT: Reading slush makes you attractive to the opposite sex. The more stories you read, the more you become connected with the way the human mind works, the more you are able to read people, the more you can tell if someone likes you from across a crowded bar, the more you are able to ignore that person, the more they will pursue you,. And then you strike, my friends. Then you strike.

FACT: Reading slush will get you one copy of Annalemma Issue Six: Sacrifice and one back issue of your choosing.

Email chris {at} annalemma {dot} net with a brief bio, what kind of writing you like and any experience you may have reading submissions. Just a heads up, it would be helpful if you’ve read any of the stories on the website and in the print issues and/or have been published in them. We’re using submishmash now, so don’t worry about this being an organizational nightmare.

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