Scene Report: Dogzplot + Polestar.


Holy crap there was about a bajillion readings this weekend. Fair warning: most of the photos in this post are people standing in front of a microphone and staring at paper. Nothing terribly interesting in the visual sense other than you get to see writers in an uncomfortable position, which is kind of interesting, I guess. But for the most part the photos are an excuse to talk about the events. And to prove that I was actually there and I’m not totally bullshitting you.


David Peak reading at the Dogzplot “East Coast Doggystyle Street Campaign.” Best reading series title ever.


John Madera. I don’t know if you guys know this but John has the biggest brain I think I’ve ever encountered. His ability to retain knowledge astounds me.


Sahsa Fletcher brought it. I just found out about Sasha recently and damn if he isn’t one of the more exciting writers I’ve encountered in a long time. I just bought his book from MLP. You might want to do yourself a favor and do the same. Someone who also brought it was Barry Graham. Another book that is probably worth your time and money is The National Virginity Pledge.


And then shit got a little weird.


And then it got real weird.


OMG, I went to a poetry reading. And it was damn good. This is Jason Koo.


It was the Polestar Poetry Series put on by Melissa Broder, a woman who very much seems to have her shit together. Man, these photos really suck a lot of ass. I might as well have been taking photos from the bathroom stall. I get self-concious about taking photos at these things. Everyone’s very quiet and do you really want to be the dude up front with the wide angle lens and remote flash sprawling out on the floor to nail the shot? At a poetry reading?


Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Robinson.


Have you read his book yet? Why not? It’s probably the best poetry book I’ve ever read.


This is Matvei Yankelevich. He made up bar poems off the top of his head. I believe this is called “Freestyling.”


This is the standard pose poets assume when two or more of them are having their photo taken. There’s a photo of Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath in the same pose.


  1. Usually, I wish blogs to be Scratch-n-sniff so I can smell all the great food people cook. This post, well, I actually wish I was there to hear the stories. Especially of the guy lifting his shirt in the first picture…pause.

  2. chris says:

    You sure you want a scratch-and-sniff photo of that guy touching his nipple? Whatever floats your boat, Lea…

  3. ha, great Play on Words… clever, I like that :)

  4. ce. says:

    “Everyone’s very quiet and do you really want to be the dude up front with the wide angle lens and remote flash sprawling out on the floor to nail the shot? At a poetry reading?”

    Actually, that would be kind of awesome.

  5. chris says:

    Haha, come to think of it, yes, it would. Fuck it, I’m doing it next time.

  6. Melissa says:

    Ha! Which one is Sylvia?

  7. chris says:

    I could be wrong but believe Adam is assuming the Sylvia pose.

  8. davidpeak says:

    don’t go in the basement

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