Rumpus Love.


Issue Eight: Creation got a very thoughtful review by writer/designer Nancy Smith on The Rumpus today. I keep The Rumpus open in a browser tab pretty much all the time and periodically refresh it throughout the day, so, naturally, this pumps me up to a degree that I’m having a hard time expressing in words.

In the review, Smith focuses on the essays, including Blake Butler‘s piece on RPGs, Jen O’Malley‘s personal history of bridal gowns, and Gina Ishibasi’s essay on the importance of knowing how to work with your hands. Smith also includes some of her personal history and relationship to exercise of making things. I thought this part was especially beautiful:

My grandfather was a clockmaker, and for my fifteenth birthday I received a lovely grandfather clock, which remains one of my most beloved possessions. Why is this more important to me, than say, a clock I bought at Target? Because someone close to me made it, with me in mind. And because there are no others in the world like it. My grandfather made clocks for all five grandchildren, and each one is completely unique, and specific to each of us. He died several years ago, and though I received many presents from him over the years, this is the only thing that I will keep for the rest of my life.

Also, not only is Smith a great writer, but she’s an equally great designer/illustrator. Check out this rad Dear Sugar poster she made (which is available for sale for all you big time Sugar fans):


Thanks Rumpus. I love you and I don’t care who knows it.

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