Roster – Issue Seven: Endurance


Below is the tentative roster for Annalemma Issue Seven: Endurance. Tentative because not all of these people have gotten back to me yet. If you haven’t, please do. I want to print your stuff.


Coming For To Carry Me Home

Poem: Sasha Fletcher

Image: Jake Blanchard


You Will Be The Living Equation

Story: Amber Sparks

Images: Margaret Durow

2001 or This is How the Century is Born

Story: Salvatore Pane

Images: Justin Chen

The End, Temporarily

Story: Matthew Simmons

Images: Patrick Savile

Water-Filled Jugs

Story: Brian Allen Carr

Images: Erin McCarty

Rainbow Dogs

Story: Justyn Harkin

Images: Sam Brewster

Five Pieces of a Broken Heart

Story: Roxane Gay

Image: Bryan Schutmaat

The Worst Thing My Father Did In His Life

Story: Patrick deWitt

Images: Cali deWitt

What is Your Favorite War?

Story: Joe Meno

Images: Kristian Hammerstad


Story: Nick Ripatrazone

Images: Rose Wind Jerome

The Difference Between

Story: Andrea Kneeland

Photo: Kristie Muller


Story: Nicolette Kittinger

Birth in the Memory

Story: Carl Fuerst

Image: Jonas Norway



Essay: Paul Kwiatkowski

At the Window

Essay: Jen Knox

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  1. ce. says:

    Dang, dude. That looks like an all-star lineup.

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