Picture 3We’re still pretty darn excited about all the exciting things happening around here lately that we’re going keep the excitement going with the announcement of the exciting roster of writers and imagers for issue five, an issue that we’re a little more than excited about!


Everything Is So Goddamn Great
Story by Megan Stielstra
Images by Josh Letchworth

Line of Scrimmage
Story by BJ Hollars
Images by Chase Heavener

Craig was a Retard
Story by Jay Riggio
Images by Bryan Soderlind

What I Love About History
Story by Angi Becker Stevens
Images by Sarah McNeil

Story by Laura Owen
Images by Suzanne Walsh

Story by Jill Summers
Images by Max Kaufman

The King of the Jews
Story by Dan Moreau
Images by Josh Letchworth

Barber vs. Heart Disease
Story by William Walsh
Images by Alexander Martinez

Story by Amelia Gray
Images by Lauren Nassef

We Will All Get Better and Then We Will Get Worse
Story by Kuzhali Manickavel
Images by Erika Somogyi (above image taken from this story)


Mi Madrileno
Essay by Molly Each
Image by Nate Twombly

Reimagining the National Border Patrol Museum
Essay by Anne Elizabeth Moore
Images by Wheat Wurtzburger


Punta Cometa by Jaime Martinez


Dawn of Man by Danny Jones


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  1. This is a wonderful lineup. Big Kuzhali fan.

    “Larry” by Jill Summers is a fantastic story, I heard it on Orange Alert CD.

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