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Just got back from AWP last night and feel like the above image. Many books bought, traded for, given unsolicited and accepted under pressure. Left the camera in the cupboard of the friends apartment we stayed at, so wait for a full report next week. For now, time to get to work!

Crack your fingers. The theme for Annalemma Issue Eight is going to be announced tomorrow.

Also, the computer died for the final time. It is in the process of being banished from the kingdom forever and steps have been taken so that this never happens again. If you’ve sent art submissions in the past month and a half then I probably lost those emails. Please send them again. All the prose submitters need not worry, we keep that stuff on the cloud.

Feel like reading the slush pile? We’re going to be inundated with submissions soon and we’re behind as it is, so contact me at chris {at} annalemma {dot} net if you want to get your hands filthy on some raw words. We could use your help and it could help you learn a bit about what your peers are churning out these days. You will be paid in eternal gratitude and a free copy of the new issue when it comes out.

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