Party Accomplished.

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Rule #32 of the internet: if there aren’t pics, it didn’t happen. These days, our actions aren’t validated without documentation. You can plan for a party all you want, but if you forget your camera, it may as well be happening in the Arctic Circle. Thankfully the long arm of Electric Literature can always be counted on to pick up the slack.

Personal Observations:

– When there’s Draper and Schwartzman to be watched on a Sunday night in a warm apartment, people will instead come in droves to a tiny bar in Brooklyn to watch poets read. This is a shocking.

– The crowd loves Sasha Fletcher. They respond to his calls. They do what he tells them to do.

– When Ben Mirov gives people a choice between Sadness and Confusion, people will choose Confusion.

Melissa Broder is a delightful co-host.

Lauren Ireland wears amazing tights.

Krystal Languell would like to destroy Florida. This is upsetting.

– While the poets get sad and ruminative, Paul Kwiatkowski does drugs with an ex-con, ex-girlfriend.

– Despite their drummer falling asleep in the van, Adam Robinson‘s band, Sweatpants, is a cathartic exercise in garage rock.

John Madera can play guitar and drums.

Jesse Hlebo is much taller in person than in photos.

David Peak is a tireless supporter of the scene.

– Dylan Suher takes his name being misspelled in print in stride.

Rose Wind Jerome cheers on her friends even in the face of death.

Greg Gerke and John Dermot Woods are going to get their asses handed to them this Friday at the Monkey Bicycle Reading.

– Friends who don’t normally come to readings should be thanked profusely. Thank you Anna, Emily, David, Cara, Brent, Sandra, Kristen and Margaret.

– A digital camera is usually hiding in a forgotten corner of a messenger bag. This will be revealed the day after the event requiring documentation.

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