Other Vermin.


If you’re in DC for AWP this year, be aware that Issue Six contributor Jim Ruland is unleashing his irreverent reading series, Vermin on the Mount, to the uninitiated East Coast. Including readings from Issue Seven contributors Amber Sparks and Nicolette Kittinger, as well as heavy-hitters Kim Chinquee, Roy Kesey, Lindsay Hunter, Tom Williams, Al Heathcock & Scott McClanahan. And it’s sponsored by yours truly.

Over at Big Other John Madera’s been compiling a bunch of year end lists, including one from yours truly.

Keep your calendar open Wednesday, February 16th for the release party of Burrow Press‘s Fragmentation and Other Stories, a book of 11 short stories and 11 photos by folks having some sort of connection with the Central Florida, including a story form yours truly.

This has not much to do with yours truly other than it was in yours truly’s brain this morning: Did you know Arrested Development is still around?

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