Mail Bag.

Some interesting articles have been arriving by post as of late. Let me tell you about them.


The talented J.A. Tyler was kind enough to send me this beautiful bundle of chapbooks from Mudluscious Press. Mind you, I ordered and paid for them (as you should too), but I just thought it should be noted that Mr. Tyler is not a deadbeat who will abscond with your cash, should you order something from him. Not that anyone has said contrary. Goddamnit. See, this is what happens when I try to compliment someone.


Got my first issue of PANK! Feel the need to always spell that with a exclamation point for some reason. Or clap hands together.


Conan Tobias did a trade for his colorful Canadian journal  Taddle Creek (or should I say colourful.)


Lastly, Sheba sent me a collapsible birdhouse. I love it.

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