Lymbyc Fish.



The menfolk gathered on a boat once again to bring home the sea bacon.


I woke up before dawn and rode my freedom machine out to the coast. I was excited to catch a fish, but also very annoyed that I had to be up that early. You’d think that both those feelings would balance each other out, make you kind of stable. Not the case. Instead I just felt kind of manic. Compounded by the 2 and a half hour boat ride and unsteady swells of the ocean, wasn’t that much of an enjoyable experience.


But we got to see this pod of dolphins, which was kind of a silent spiritual moment for everyone involved. Even if they don’t care to admit it.


I didn’t catch shit. Everyone else caught a bunch of snapper. The snapper caught a crab in its belly.


Sea bounty.


I love spending time with my dad and bro, but this was the real reason I wanted to go fishing.


This truck smelled of fish.


And the Black Box smelled of sweat and desperation.


Jason and I caught Lymbyc Systym. A fucking great band. Go see them. They are still on tour. If you live in FL you missed them already.


Thanks dudes.

Lymbyc Systym @ Black Box 7.11.09 from chris heavener on Vimeo.


  1. Katie says:

    pssht.. and here i thought i’d made it on your blog

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry! the only pic I had of you was a mildly unflattering shot of you three girls walking down the street in the pitch black. I need to get a better shot and you will soon be internet superstar.

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