Listen to the Light.

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My dear friends Ryan and Hays Holladay make music together under the name Bluebrain. They’ve been doing this for a few years now. What they’ve also been doing in addition to making music is making weird, technology/music hybrid projects like the one they just released today called Listen to the Light. It’s the second in a series of “location-aware” albums wherein you download an app to your smart phone, plug in your headphones and walk around Central Park. The interesting part is the phone’s built in GPS triggers different pieces of music depending on what area of the park you’re in. They also did one for the National Mall in DC.

Listen to the Light just got released today and I’m very psyched about it. Check it out if you’re interested in music and technology, which, if you’re on an art/literature blog right now, is safe to assume you might be.

Video teaser…

‘Making of’ documentary….

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  1. Morgan Booth says:

    My mind is blown! Such an amazing concept, and incredibly beautiful execution, thanks for sharing!:)

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