Big news concerning Issue Eight: we’ve acquired the latest installment of the LADYDRAWERS project, a series of graphic essays compiled by editor, author and activist extraordinaire Anne Elizabeth Moore and illustrated by the likes of Esther Pearl Watson, Christa Donner, and James Payne. The series explores the idea of gender inequality in the comic book and graphic fiction world by assembling data collected from folks working within the industry. So far the series has appeared in Bitch, Tin House, Women’s Comics Anthology and is soon to be a recurring column at

The installment we’re publishing, illustrated by Susie Cagle, is called Where the Girls Aren’t and mentions the VIDA numbers assembled last year, the ones that grossly illustrated literary publishing is a man’s world, as a springboard to Moore’s original research illustrating the fact that the comics world isn’t that different, and, in many ways, is far worse.

I could go on, but you should listen to Anne talk about it on the Matthew Filipowicz show. I’m very excited to be a showcase for this fantastic project. If you’re a fan of women and a fan of comics you’re not gonna want to miss this one, the numbers will surprise you. Keep an eye peeled for more details on Issue Eight pre-order sales beginning soon!

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