Issue Seven Update.


Got an email from the printer representative this morning, a lovely gentleman by the name Marteinn Jónasson, saying that 50 copies of Annalemma Issue Seven: Endurance have been express shipped from the plant and should be here tomorrow. A few of these copies will go to staff members and press outlets but the majority of them will be available Oct. 17th at Bruar Falls when and us throw our dual release party, Enduring Freaks. The bulk of the shipment should arrive by boat sometime at the end of the month. Yeah, by boat. Why? Because it’s coming from Iceland.

Why Iceland? Because that’s where Oddi Printing calls home. Reykjavík, to be precise. Love saying that word, Reykjavík. (It means Bay of Smoke. How cool is that?) Why Oddi? Because they are able to offer high quality printing at extremely competitive prices. Iceland felt the crush of the global financial crisis of 2008 greater than most countries, but things are looking promising.

Issue Seven ships November 1st to stores and the intelligent, attractive people who have pre-ordered online. Are you intelligent and attractive? Of course you are. Pre-order here.

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