Issue Seven Roundup.


Looks like Annalemma Issue Seven: Endurance has been popping up around the internet. Lots of very attractive and intelligent people seem to be enjoying it, which is fantastic news.

Zachary Zezima

Dark Sky Mag

Amber Sparks

Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Have you got your copy yet? Let’s see some pics!


  1. You are absolutely right, I do need to stock up on my Annalemma.

    I need good reads while i’m posted up on this island; you know, for the beach or when a hurricane is plowing through.

  2. chris says:

    Hey Lea, buy enough copies and they can double as roof patches* if the storms start getting rowdy.

    *Annalemma is effective in satisfying your need for quality writing. It is not an effective roof patch.

  3. I find disclaimers an amusing read… perhaps this could be the start of an article, of disclaimers only.

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