Issue Eight Deadline Pushed Back.


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The deal: I’ve been working on another project that’s been stealing time away from Anna. I’ve got more time for Anna now so we’re going to be putting more work into the Creation issue, starting with pushing back the deadline. Submissions have been a bit sluggish, probably because we haven’t promoted it all that great. I should have sent out a press release announcing the new theme but I didn’t get around to doing that until today.

So I’m pushing back the deadline to April 5th in the hopes you’re working on something bad ass that you need more time on or maybe give you the opportunity to spark some ideas for something bad ass.

Like I said before, we’re looking for mainly nonfiction for this issue. Something we are very interested in reading about: people making things. I love watching it, I love learning the process. Doesn’t matter what it is, motorbikes to Motorola’s, compost to complex algorithms, if you can explain how something is made in an interesting way then you’ve got my attention. If you can weave it into a narrative, even better. If you can weave it into context that defines who we are as human beings and where we’re headed as a species then you’ve probably got an award winning piece of writing on your hands.

There will be a one or two slots open for fiction submissions so competition will be very tight.

So… what you got?


  1. Annam says:

    Hi Chris,
    I hope those of us who submitted before deadline will not be penalized for turning work in early. I’m open to revisions if need be. Thanks!!


  2. chris says:

    Hey Annam. Nope, no penalties for submitting early. Will let you know when we get to you. Thanks for submitting.

  3. Annam says:

    Awesome, thanks!

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