Holiday Continued.


Now that the turbines of the new year are slowly howling to life, it’s time to remind you that the Holiday in Cambodia project is still happening. And the deadline is a mere 10 days away!

No doubt things have quieted down for you somewhat. The kids are plunked down in front of their new dopamine-releasing game console. Customers at work have stopped acting like outright assholes, now just disoriented, as if the Christmas monster truck had come up behind them, roared over top of them, the giant rear axle missing their skulls by inches. The world is generally asking less of you and there is nothing to do with this misplaced rage and overall unhappiness toward the holiday madness that we put ourselves through every year. But wait! There is something you can do! And it’s for a good cause!

Send us your story of the crazy holiday bullshit you had to deal with this year. Send us the story of your cousin calling his sister the c-word in front of everyone right before you all sat down to Christmas dinner. Send us your story of getting delayed seven hours in the airport when  you had nothing to do but flirt with the middle aged man with a cloud of black hair and a George Clooney chin, only to have his trench coated wife walk up on the both of you while you were giving him an amateur palm reading. Send us the story of walking in on your Pastor smoking weed in the bathroom.

These things happen. You need to express them. That’s what we’re here for. And we’re donating all the proceeds to helping young Cambodian women make zines!

Send your submissions to holiday [at] annalemma [dot] net. There is a submissions fee on a sliding scale. Login to paypal and click the ‘send money’ tab to the email address above, any amount you feel is fair. Try to keep it under 3000 words, please. True stories only. The only Santa Claus that should appear in your story is the one at Macy’s that smells of Christian Brothers. Bring it!

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