Heads Up: Brooklyn Book Fest.


Hey New York, you know how you’re always going on about how books are great and writers are awesome? You’re about to cream your jeans over this news. The Brooklyn Book Festival is taking place this September 15th through the 18th and Annalemma’s gonna be there. Us and Avery Anthology are teaming up to lay waste to the book fair portion of the festival with our mighty and beautiful journals.

Why go to a stuffy old literary event? Cause all your favorite authors are going to be there. Why go see a bunch of stuffy old authors?  So you can go mess with them, get your book signed, ask them weird questions they don’t want to answer, ask them if they want to go grab coffee, mess up their hair, take pictures with them, become their best friend etc. etc. The possibilities are endless. What will I be doing? Probably stalking people, taking paparazzi style photos for the blog, breathing audibly right up close to their ear. Creep stuff, mainly.

Sounds like a good time, no? Mark it down on the calendar and come out to see us!

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