Happy Birthday ‘Merica.


Happy Birthday,  USA.


I hope you did something yesterday to make you feel patriotic and I hope you didn’t work, like more than a few people did.


If you did work, you probably felt like you were in Communist Russia. And last time I checked, this was still America. Tell that Rooski boss of yours to quit treading on you.


I hope you ate some American food.


And saw some things that reminded you why this country does, on occasion, kick much ass.


  1. ryan says:

    i worked all day til 9pm. saw a couple fireworks on the drive home. the 4th is my favorite holiday, but i tried to tell myself it was worth it for the time and a half they had to pay me.

  2. chris says:

    That fucking sucks. I’m sure that extra cashed helped ease the pain of missing your favorite holiday. You’re a good man, Ryan. But you already knew that.

  3. ryan says:

    everything’s survivable. right? a few years back on the 4th i was in the arctic circle doing construction. the pipeline threw us a big barbecue at lunch at least.

  4. chris says:

    Indeed, life goes on. And, holy shit! That’s amazing. Can’t wait to read about that one.

  5. ryan says:

    i started a memoir about my stint up there a while back, but lost a lot of it in my harddrive death last summer. i pitched it to a publisher and they said “this topic is fascinating, but your writing is not.” if i had a bulletin board, that’d be on it :)

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