Golden Age.


Dunno if any of the remaining Chicagoans who read this blog (close to 60 of you!) are still interested in buying books, zines and other shit for weirdos. But if you are, I would reccomend heading on down to Golden Age on the lower west side-ish area. I ain’t never been there, looks like they opened right when I left. But the place looks dope. If you go you should take some pictures and talk to the peeps who run the place and maintian an overall interest in the operation of brick-and-motar art/book/art book stores.


  1. From the Yelp reviews — ha!

    “Like Quimby’s, but less intimidating.”

    I don’t make it down to Pilsen very often, but will try to keep this place in mind for whenever I do.

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, that’s sounds like an apt description.

    I used to feel intimidated in Quimby’s. I don’t anymore now that I realized everyone else in that store (employees included) were as intimidated as I was.

  3. I’ve decided that’s an appropriate assumption to make about elite artistic milieus in general, especially in Chicago.

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