Goals: 120 in 2010.

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A goal of mine this year is to read 120 books. Novels, short stories, nonfiction, chapbooks, journals, and the odd graphic novel (those count, btw). That’s more than two books a week. I’m not entirely positive I can reach this goal as I read slower than a stoned, constipated turtle riding a glacier to harvest molasses in the Arctic circle. But the way I see it, even if I don’t reach the final 120, at least I read shit ton of books. I figured it would go much better if I kept an ongoing list. This is it so far:

1. Await Your Reply – Dan Choan

2 Fugue State – Brain Evenson

3. Baby Leg – Brian Evenson

4. The Ask – Sam Lypsite

5. Slumberland – Paul Beatty

6. Temporary People – Steven Gillis

7. Zeitoun – Dave Eggers

8. How Some People Like Their Eggs – Sean Lovelace

9. One Hour of Television – Kristina Born

10. Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever – Justin Taylor

11. Midnight Picnic – Nick Antosca

12. We did Porn – Zak Smith

13. The Lazarus Project – Aleksandar Hemon

14. The Satanic Verses – Salman Rushie

15. Texaco – Patrick Chamoiseau

That’s all I got lined up so far. Mostly it’s a bunch of books I meant to read last year but have been putting off for one reason or another. What’s on your list this year?

(I’m on GoodReads, btw. I just got on so I haven’t done anything to my account. But go ahead and friend me or add me or whatever it is you’re supposed to do on this site.)

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