Ghosts with Shit Jobs.

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When I first got into indie publishing a few years back, novelist Jim Munroe was the man who’d seen and done it all. After jumping ship from a Harper Collins publishing deal, Munroe began, a vast resource of knowledge on DIY publishing for the subversive and creative mind. Everything in Silico, Munroe’s sci-fi, cyberpunk novel about lost people using technology before it uses them, was as endlessly entertaining as it was thought-provoking and left you more than a little bit scared at what technology might have in store for us just around the corner.

Ghosts with Shit Jobs, a new sci-fi mockumentary written and produced by Munroe, asks what happens when the global tables are turned on a socio-economic level: 30 years from now America is a bankrupt third-world country that survives off jobs outsourced from the East. The Cantonese slang for indigenous Americans doing the work Chinese are unwilling to do is, “ghosts.” Check it out:

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This movie looks fantastic and timely as hell. Well done, Jim.

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