Free Copies of Issue Five.

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Hey! So we’re doing a new Twitter contest wherein we are giving away five free copies of Issue Five. How do you win? Well…

1) Go to the twitterspehere and follow us.

2) Throw up a tweet with an #Annalemma hashmark.

3) Kick your feet up and wait for your free copy to show up in the mail.

If you already have your copy and feel the need to possess another then you are more than welcome to enter. Is the uncertainty of winning killing you? You could just buy it now!

This contest ends 9/12/09.


  1. Katie says:

    god damnit heavener.. try doing a giveaway contest for people who haven’t gotten sucked into the self-gratifying world of twittering or tweeting or whatever the fuck. there is only ONE good thing about twitter. ONE. and that’s shit my dad says. that’s it and that’s all and i’m not joining. but i want a free issue.

  2. chris says:

    I feel you Katie, I truly do. Much like life itself, there’s a lot of bullshit on twitter. But also like life, there’s good deal of cool shit too, just gotta search for it. Like us. We’re cool AND we’re on Twitter. We’re cool, right?


    This thing on (tap, tap)?

  3. Katie says:

    last night my dad called it “twatting.” it was great.

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