Cover Songs.


So we were all set to print at the beginning of the week when I get a call from Jen saying that the trim size is too big. The printers contacted her saying that we were a quarter of an inch over what we were quoted and they couldn’t do it without switching machines and ordering new paper and ultimately costing thousands of dollars more. “That’s bullshit,” I said, and decided to call the printers. As I was dialing I remembered that we had, in fact, changed the print size two issues ago because of this same cost issue and I’m such a fucking idiotic simplton that I just plum forgot what size my own magazine was and gave Jen the wrong size from the get-go. Sound confusing? It is.

Nevertheless, Jen sighed, shook her head, silently cursed my unborn children and got to work re-formatting the entire magazine. And did it in one night. So we’re going to go out tonight and I’m going to buy her new buns because she worked hers clean off this week.

Oh, and this is the cover. It’s from Danny Jones’s series Dawn of Man which appears in the mag. And it’s the sexiest cover we’ve ever had the opportunity to print.

Thank you Jen and Danny and everyone else involved for being way more professional than me.


  1. Alberto says:

    fucking rad

  2. chris says:

    so fucking rad

  3. jman says:

    i dig Kane

  4. Sheba says:

    Those children…what an unhappy life they will lead having been cursed numerous times. On the flip side, that cover is making me want to either a) fly like an eagle or b) Google Phil Collins

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