Cool Cause: Smokebath.

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Via Todd Jordan: Check out SMOKEBATH, an online gallery of some heavy hitters of the photo world curated by Peter Sutherland. The gallery is dedicated to raising awareness and donations for the Fresh Air fund, a not-for-profit that takes New York City children from low-income families on free summer vacations.

Check out some righteous photography of the out-of-doors, donate some money to getting kids in touch with nature and go outside once in a while, you’re too cooped up!


  1. michelle says:

    why in the world you chose those photos to show for this website boggles me…maybe cause the name is Smokebath? there are so many other awesome photos!! like Patrick Griffin’s owl on a post, & ladies gazing at mountains in a body of water. Others had a quilted tent, & a green man suit too. awesome.

  2. heavener says:

    Glad you liked Smokebath! I chose these photos because they’re Peter Sutherland’s. He’s the guy who curated the site. Also, I think on a subconscious, primal level, I was attracted to the images of men making fire and drinking heartily from a water source, drenched in sweat. Clearly my manly undertones speaking to me :) I haven’t seen the photos you described. Can you post a link? Would you say you were attracted to them because they were more feminine?

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