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Wigleaf mag announced the Top 50 [very] Short Fiction awards over the weekend and Amber Sparks made the cut with her piece, The Dictator is Drinking Alone, which we published online. Way to be, Amber! We also had some alumni on the long list for their stories: Erin Fitzgerald’s This Morning Will be Different, Brad Green’s Missing the Next Inch, and Ben Loory’s Sea Monster. Well done everyone and big thanks to Wigleaf’s associate series editor Ravi Mangla, selecting editor Lily Hoang and Wigleaf head-honcho, Scott Garson. This is a great list of some damn good writing that’s happening all over the web and I’m not just saying that because Anna is well represented here. There’s some incredibly strong writing on this list and if someone wanted to know where they could get their hands on some of the best short stories on the web I’d send them a link to this list.

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