We’re less than two weeks away from sending the magazine off to the printer and we don’t have all the content ready yet.


Also there’s the exciting project I told you about last week. That’s supposed to launch next week and we don’t have that ready yet either.


Probably not the best time to make a weekend getaway. Whatever, we did anyways. When life comes knocking you have to answer the door, grab it by the balls and take it out to dinner.

Wrap it up dudes.

Either a very talented Bahamian graffiti artist is inspired by androgynous Euros or this was done by an androgynous Euro.


Reminds me a of a graphic Jason did for Thomas once.


Amazing scripts. Gothic fonts are cheesy you say? Not when they’re hand painted on an entertainment cabana.


Conch graveyard.


Matt took us to his restaurant.


And Chase taught us about Mondrian.


Nailing it!!!

For every time you grab life’s balls, there are times when you must release them.

Otherwise, how would it make more life?


  1. Katie says:

    i haven’t been to the bahamas in a few years, but when i was there last i don’t remember the natives speaking with jamaican accents. so the fact that the condom sign is written in jamaican vernacular makes it even more funny. “ya tings”.. too good.
    all that being said.. i hate you (read: jealous of you) and i want to trade lives. i could be your grammar nerd for annalemma? take me away from the government, chris!

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, their accents sound somewhat similar, but not nearly as severe, as Jamaican accents. Jamaican accents can be long and drawn out, at times staccato and rapid. Bahamian accents are a bit softer, almost watered down, I’d say cause of all the American tourists that dominate the landscape.

    If a position opens up in the Grammar Nerdary you’ll be the first to know!

  3. Sheba White says:

    amazing photos, swiss!

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks Sheba! Keep your eye on your mailbox in the next few days…

  5. Lea says:

    “I’ve got the Conch, its my Turn to Speak”, quotes Piggy. Lord of the Flies. Nice post Chris, looks like you had a great time in Bham, aka, Bahamas. Lets coordinate a time where we can all be on the islands together. Nassau is somewhat Touristy, but come to GBI where tourists haven’t ruined the true ethnicity of what makes the Bahamas.

  6. chris says:

    Thanks Lea, yeah, we were kid of drowning in tourists there. It’s annoying for a while but it eventually teaches you a lot about humans. I’d love to see the real bahamas one day.

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