BBCDW: Ignorance Edition


Here we have a case of my ignorance of artistic styles and movements getting the best of me.

When I look at these I hear French accordions chugging to life and tumbling into a jolly yet melancholic (and slightly drunk) tune, swimming in cigarette smoke and sunglasses. I know that’s called something and I know there’s an artist who pioneered that style, but I don’t know their name or when they lived. All I know is I like them.

Some questions for the peanut gallery:

-Is it important to know why you like something? Follow-up: Does analyzing this thing that you like reduce your affection for it?

-Is it anti-intellectual to admit your ignorance and not be ashamed of it?

-Is it mildly scandalous that I run a magazine with a heavy bent towards fine art yet I have little-to-no knowledge of art history?


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  1. Amber D. says:

    -Yes, I think it is important to know why you like something. At least if you ever want to talk to other people about it. And no, it doesn’t necessarily reduce your affection for it, unless analyzing it makes you realize you didn’t like it as much as you thought you did.

    -No. I admit I don’t know things all the time!

    -People appreciate art and design for many reasons. Knowing where it comes from is only one of them.

    P.S. Elna Baker is awesome.

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