B.B.C.D.W.: Democracy Edition.

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Wow, been a while since we done one of these.

I’m calling bullshit on Amazon’s Best Book Covers of 2009. Given, there are some nice covers you can vote on, but does it irk anyone else that the nominees are all Amazon best sellers? What about all the choice book covers that have been featured on The Book Cover Archive? For my money, any given entry on BCA blows the Chronic City cover out the water. Let’s start our own list. Anyone have a vote for best book cover of the year? Post a link to the image in the comments section.

(Yes, I realize calling bullshit on Amazon is like calling bullshit on Disney or Starbucks, it’s granted at this point that they’re a huge greedy corporation that is the #1 enemy of the indie book store. Yes, I realize that their contest is a thinly veiled sales push for the holiday season. Regardless. Bullshit!)


  1. chris says:

    That’s a good one, Ryan. But did you see the Australian cover? Out of control:


  2. ryan says:

    indeed, chris. the uk one i think is an amazing book cover, the australian one i’m a fan of for purely different reasons.

  3. Here’s another list of best designed book covers of the year.


  4. Chris says:

    I did see that one. Not a bad list. Which one did you vote for? Joe Meno is my dog, but I had to vote for Impossible Motherhood. Pretty simple yet striking cover.

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