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I just ordered Roxane Gay’s new book from Artistically Declined Press. You can pre-order it for nine bucks, which is insane, considering how amazing Roxane’s writing is. I’m not just saying that cause Anna’s published her writing more than once. I’m saying that because I believe it, which is why Anna published her writing more than once.

Ayiti is a collection of interwoven prose, poetry and nonfiction representing the Haitian diaspora experience. I’m excited to read it cause one of the first things Roxane submitted to Anna was a story about an affluent Haitian family being kidnapped at gunpoint in their car. It was a great piece, tons of conflict, but ultimately I passed and I don’t remember why. I kind of feel like that was a mistake, not accepting that one. I was unfamiliar with Roxane’s writing at the time and sometimes the unfamiliar scares me. I’m trying to make up for it by reading more of her Haiti-based work, thus the purchase.

Speaking of Roxane’s Haiti-based writing, you need to read this essay she wrote for the Rumpus which is in reaction to this essay by Mac McClelland.

Go buy this book now.

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  1. JP says:

    Done. I love the surprise of getting a book in the mail that I ordered months ago. And Roxanne Gay, what a great surprise.

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