Art Basel Report.

Our intern reports from Miami. Take it away Janelle!

Art Basel was in Miami this past weekend and I just had to be there. Why? Well, I love Miami, I love art, I love a good time, and my sister was in need of some inspiration.


Can I be honest though? I say I love art, and I do, but I know very little about it. What I learned in humanities classes years ago is long gone and there were probably times this weekend I was ignorantly admiring advertisements like this guy…

ad not art

And the idea of writing about art here made me anxious.


But it’s all okay. Thanks to my sister. She supplemented my slack-jawed appreciation with some solid facts and I ended up learning a few new things.


shepard walls

Shepard Fairey.

collab mural


Os Gemeos.


jonathan levine gallery


You have to see this. Just because.


Art is forever evolving and I shouldn’t have assumed I ever knew anything about anything. All I can do is appreciate and support.

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