Annalemma Salutes: Gabriel Levinson, Book Bike Guy.


While futilely researching small press magazine distributors I came across a good article at Publishing Perspectives by Gabriel Levinson, reviews editor of Make: A Chicago Literary Magazine. The article concerning “cause publishing” is an essential read, but the thing that hit me most was Gabe’s frustration with the form of book reviews and what that frustration evolved into. Enter the book bike.


Gabe decided that it was the duty of editors and writers to get the books out to the people. So he loaded up an old ice cream bike with books, peddled it out to the North Ave beach and put up a sign saying the books were free for the taking. All the books Gabe gives away are donated from publishers who want their books read. To date, Gabe has distributed some 3,000 new and used books throughout the city of Chicago. Gabe also goes on to explain that this isn’t a new idea and that Biblioburro is worth your attention.


For your commitment to your community, and for your mission of getting them invested in books, Annalemma salutes you, Gabriel Levinson.


  1. ce. says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. It’s like taking the two things I love the most and making a delicious panini from them.

  2. waaay better than the Dewey Decimal System

  3. michelle says:

    is this going to be a volunteer/side job for you? i hope so. :)

  4. heavener says:

    ce.: Agreed, delicious book/bike panini’s for all!

    lea: and with a much cooler name

    Michelle: I may have to start my own Book Bike chapter. Get it?!

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