Annalemma Issue Nine Theme Announced.


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Annalemma Issue Nine: India – Call to submit

As America and Europe begin to recede into the background of global superpowers, new forces step up as the leaders of the democratic world. Among these powers, is India. With the die of globalization now cast, the geopolitical, economic, technological & environmental landscape is more connected than ever. It is important for people in the West, young people especially, to claim an understanding of how their world intersects and affects Indian culture, and vice versa.

But how can you expect to cover an entire country in one go? And in 104 pages of a literary magazine no less? Agreed, that’s somewhat impossible. The purpose of this issue is to allow a point of entry for Western readers and writers, to forge a new mental pathway to understanding.

What we are humbly asking of Indian writers is this: show us your country. Show us the micro and the macro, show us the beauty and the horror, the power, the corruption, the injustice, the triumph, the enduring beauty, the infinite feedback loop of suffering, all the wonder and terror your country brings to bear.

A lot of American/Western writers might be upset about this, maybe feel left out. So we offer this appeal: If you are a writer who has some connection to India or can offer some informed opinion of your experience as it pertains to the topic, we’d love to read it.

We’ll accepting creative nonfiction, fiction, personal essay and interviews. No poetry, please. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please keep submissions under 5000 words. Any submissions over 5000 words, please submit a query letter. Please send only one submission at a time. We’re finding creative nonfiction more compelling these days, so the more of that you send, the more likely you’ll get published.

Click here to submit.

Deadline is January 13th.


  1. I am so so excited about this. Last time you told me about this Chris, I thought you were kidding :) But here it is. I hope one can send more than one piece…eh?

  2. chris says:

    Hi Tanuj, glad you’re excited! Can’t wait to read your work. I would love to be able to read more than one piece from every writer that submits but as time and resources are something in limited supply I can only handle reading one piece per writer, unfortunately.

  3. Shiv says:

    ‘Among these powers IS India. … how their world intersects and AFFECTS Indian culture, and vice versa.’
    And that’s just the first para. Most disappointing.

  4. chris says:

    Good catch, Shiv.

  5. Hemani says:

    Hi Chris

    I wish to send in a non-fiction piece for your consideration. Do you pay your contributors?


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