120 in 2010: Shoplifting from American Apparel.


Random thoughts:

New York in the Winter time can be a very lonely place. It’s cold and nobody leaves the house cause they’re sick or they’re hold up with their significant other. Not the best time to be reading a depressing book. That’s not true, this book isn’t depressing as much as it is about depressed people.


That doesn’t sound enticing, I know. But the thing about being depressed, is that it helps to know that someone is in your corner, maybe not trying to pull you out, or help you combat it (only person who can pull you out is yourself), but it can be invaluable just to know someone’s there, in your same boat.


This book reaches through the darkness and grabs your hand. It might not save you, might not lead you anywhere warm or well lit, but it’ll sit with you for a while. And sometimes that’s all you need.

Two down, 120 to go.

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