If you want to do any work that matters you have to let go of being loved by everyone. – Stephen Elliott at TFT


  1. Melissa J.Durston says:

    It’s true though isn’t it? In this “day and age” it seems as though everyone is so caught up in making sure everyone else is happy – but if you were to give any one person the permission to just write what they want to, or paint what they’d like to – you’d find much more honesty in their work – and that’s where all the beauty seems to be hidden.

  2. heavener says:

    Yup. Fitzgerald said that what people were ashamed of usually made for the best stories.

  3. Gregory Knapp says:

    I would go a little further and say that you have to be prepared to be “let go” by nearly everyone. Writing serious fiction is not a good way to make friends.

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