Mark Janeki: Douchebag

Mark Janeki: Douchebag

Meet Mark. He’s a Douchebag. But he’s getting better. Click through to watch.


  1. tim'nAnnette says:

    had us laughing from “it makes me kinda sick” all the way to “i think i like it”

  2. heavener says:

    awesome! Glad you like it!

  3. Roxane says:

    So so excellent. So so inspirational.

  4. Teresa Houle says:

    Full of douchie-goodness. He is a true artist.

  5. Ethan says:

    Changed my world view and my inner view. Thank you Annalemma

  6. Duffer says:

    It’s inspired me to renounce douchebagery! Just not right now.

  7. The Dodgeball Cannon says:

    Do you have that girl’s phone number?

  8. Curry says:

    Great start to the day!

  9. Vernon says:

    Very funny, yet inspiring…the first step to recovery. Thanks Annalemma.

  10. Tito says:

    hes got nothing on me!

  11. Cole says:

    I saw this bro at the theater in downtown orlando last week on the opening night of Inglorious Basterds. I thought we used to be friends, but he totally ignored me. Annalemma might have made him more artistically aware, but he’s a DB.

    All that’s true except the last sentence. Good stuff Justin.

  12. Sheba says:

    The shirt is perfect. Also the artwork.

  13. Katie says:

    that was amazing. i cam to the site a few times and thought “that dude sure does look like justin.” then i finally watched it and discovered why. justin you are the most entertaining person i know. chris, thanks for posting this.

  14. chris says:

    You’re welcome! Justin is an amazingly talented person. Check out part 2 as well.

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