Barber vs Heart Disease trailer

Barber vs Heart Disease trailer

Watch the trailer for the story Barber vs Heart Disease by William Walsh, appearing in Annalemma Issue Five.


  1. chris says:

    Agreed. Thanks Mel.

  2. Tom says:


    Thanks again for the opportunity to work on this project. It’s great to work with such good material. I really dig the story (and issue #5). I really appreciate your effort and drive to get artist’s work out into the world .

    Special thanks to everybody that worked on this project:

    David Lukasik (DP), Bill Boehler (Barber/VO), Henry Foreman (customer), Lesley Foreman (customer), Brandon Reich (customer/P.A.), Mark Piebenga (customer) and Dave Hansen (customer).

    And an extra special thanks to Norm at Bucktown Barbershop 1857 W. Armitage Chicago, IL.

    Keep it rolling.

  3. Brandon Reich says:

    Well done. Looks great!

  4. NORM THE BARBER says:

    wow, i just saw my whole life past in front of me. good work guys, good quality, good message, and most of all keep doing your pushups! ps happy hollidays NORM

  5. Amelia says:

    Very cool. A great trailer for a great story.

  6. heavener says:

    @Norm: You hooked us up! Thank you sir!

    @Amelia: Thanks lady! I’m glad you liked it :)

  7. Greg says:

    A stimulating piece of cinema. It’s great. I like the faint drums of congos? in the background. Reminded me of Sympathy for the Devil.

  8. Rebecca says:


  9. Beth S. says:

    Wow. You really got the point home with this. Really nice job.

    (I especially liked the casting of the last guy in the chair…)

  10. chris says:

    @beth: haha, yeah, the man with the flattering mustache is our esteemed director.

  11. Bill Walsh says:

    Tom and Chris–you and your crew did a great job with this. Thanks so much…

  12. peter cole says:

    very awesome

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