Tom Fewings

Tom Fewings

Tom Fewings was born and raised in East London and graduated in illustration from Brighton University. His work draws heavily on the many cultures he encountered as a child, as well as relying on a frenetic and feverish imagination. He works in a wide variety of mixed up media. He can be found here.


  1. Cezarija Abartis says:

    I wanted to thank the artist. Tom Fewings did such a lovely illustration! Those watchful, sad monkeys and the dead toy-people in the wagon! And the emperor withthe blunderbuss and that spearlike crown walking away. It’s a lovely interpretation. The mixed up media works!

  2. Cynthia Miller says:

    Yes, and the creepy look over his shoulder. The composition reminds me of a tarot card, too.

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